Falling Apart – Body Architecture

3D rendering made for the “Railclone mini-challenge” organized by iToo Software and Ronenbekerman.com. This image has been used as a cover and a making-of has been published in issue 142 of the  3DWORLD (May 2011). It also appeared in issue 28 of the 3DArtist magazine.

Here is the introduction of the 3DWorld article :

“When arch-viz artist and popular blogger Ronen Bekerman and iToo Software got together to promote a competition to create an image using the latter’s RailClone Lite plug-in for 3ds Max, it’s unlikely they expected to see anything like Nicolas’ stunning image ‘Falling Apart’. Created by converting a female figure into splines and using RailClone to run thousands of glittering cubes around the form, it transforms the human body itself into architecture.

Creating the render took nicolas about a day-and-a-half, including testing and concept work. “the part i enjoyed the most was testing the plug-in to see what was possible”, he says. “I also enjoyed seeing the final result building progressively.”

The judges were impressed enough to award Nicolas second pize in the contest, and we were impressed enough to be this issue’s 3D World cover artist. On page 18, Nicolas reveals every stage of how the image was made, from discovery to post-production.”