After several years as Jazz Pianist, i have decided to dive progressively into the graphic world by learning to design, paint, using digital tools and making visualizations. An internship in “Architecture Studio” Company in Paris helped me to go further into the architectural field.

Following a learning program at the Beaux-Arts School in Marseille helped me to develop my artistic skills and after that, i have worked 2 years in Atelier 4, an architectural company in Clermont-Ferrand.

I joined the V-Pictures studio in Bordeaux in 2006. This was an opportunity for me to deepen the rendering and post-production techniques on many animated films produced for the studio. I also had the opportunity to work as project manager and technical director. After four years in the structure, i decided to leave and regain my artistic freedom.

I’m working mainly on renderings for marketing and communication, national or international architectural competitions, and i like to explore other creative fields, like matte painting, or any another challenging works.